Friday, 13 December 2013

Top 5 Gifts for Her

Here's a little bit of Festive Friday gift inspiration.  Have a look at our Top 5 Gifts for Her that won't let you down.

1. Cheeky Flower Cup & Saucer

With a happy cheeky message hiding in the cup declaring 'You're my cup of tea!'.  Love it!  Made in England.  Price £20.

2. Seagull Picnic Blanket

Because in the deep mid-Winter it's lovely to remember those sunny summer days and beach picnics.  Made in England.  Price £36.

3. Jelly & Cake Apron

Jelly & cake anyone?  This simply splendid, gorgeously illustrated apron is a real treat.  Matching oven gloves complete the set.  Made in England.  Price £24.

4. Porcelain Cake Stand

Everything stops for tea!  A simple and elegant cake stand to show off confections and fancies before they're gobbled up!  Made in England.  Price £44.

5. Crafty Little Notebook

The perfect little book for jotting down notes on sewing and craft ideas for future days.  Made in England.  Price £3.50.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Top 5 Gifts for the Messy!

Continuing our series on Can't Go Wrong Gifts, here are our top pick of gifts for the messy!  For all those disorganised Dads (because Mums are never messy!) and chaotic kids here are a few things to help life run a little bit smoother.

1. Cufflink Tidy

This lovely cufflink tray is beautifully crafted from a single piece of solid oak.  Handy holes keep cufflink paired so there no rummaging for the matching other half.  Made in England.  Price £49.

2. Straight & Narrow Shelf 

Great for kids rooms and kitchens.  These coated metal shelves are designed to hold favourite drawings, cards and invitations as well as the odd book.  Made in England.  Price £20.

3. Weekly Planner Pad

We love this one at the Clare Loves HQ.  Works brilliantly to help plan the week ahead - great way of organising the 'to-do' list.  Perfect addition to any busy home - or office!  Made in England.  Price £9.

4. Desk Tidy

Great for kids rooms, home office or kitchen dresser, this solid oak desk tidy will keep all those useful bits & bobs handy in one place.  Made in England.  Price £75.   

5. House Cupboard

Made from coated metal, this sturdy cupboard can be used freestanding or wall mounted.  With two internal shelves and a hinged front facade this cupboard would make a lovely and practical bathroom or bedroom cabinet.  You could also use it in the kitchen or home office.  But our favourite, as a place for a little person to keep their treasures.  Made in England.  Price £135.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Top 5 Gifts to Hug!

For the next in our series of Gifts That Can't Fail we thought we'd look at Gifts to Hug.  Because everyone loves a good cuddle!

1. Learn to Count Dog 

He's the perfect size for little hands to hold and hug.  This screen printed sausage dog is here to help learn to count too.  Made in England.  Price £15.

2. Little Loopy Lapin

Made from soft knitted lambswool with lovely squishy stuffing, Loopy Lapin is our number one stripy friend.  Made in England.  Price £22.

 3. Snowflake Hottie

This one's for the grown-ups. Our favourite hottie!  With a cover made from knitted lambswool that's been gently felted for extra hug-ability.  Made in England.  Price £38.

4. Tilda Rag Doll Kit

Why not made Tilda as a special gift for a very special little girl?  She's a super cute rag dolly any girl would love.  Made in England.  Price £22.50.

5. Softest Lambswool Blanket 

Perfect for those long winter evenings.  This gorgeous lambswool throw will keep you cosy and warm.  Made in England.  Price £95.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Top 5 Gifts for Him

Welcome to the first in our series featuring 'Gifts you can't go wrong with'.  First up, our Top 5 Gifts for Men.

1.  Oak Wine Rack

A beautifully made piece, designed to hold one bottle and remain balanced or up to 12 stacked.  Made in England.  Price £75.

2. Pigeon Post Letter Rack

Trust this pigeon to keep those letters in order.  Made from coated steel and can be used freestanding or wall mounted.  Made in England.  Price £20.

3. House Shelf

This one's for the man who can never find his keys!  Wall mounted, it has a chalkboard roof for messages, a cubby hole for wallet & phone plus the all important hooks for keys.  Made in England.  Price £47.

4. Birdee Nesting Box

For those who love their garden.  Give nature a helping hand with these splendid looking homes for tits, robins & wrens.  Made in England.  Price £22.

5. Local Butcher Apron

Perfect for cooking outdoors or in, barbeque or kitchen this apron will keep him well covered.  Superbly made and fantastic quality.  But most of all we love the Butcher graphics.  Made in England.  Price £34.