Friday, 13 December 2013

Top 5 Gifts for Her

Here's a little bit of Festive Friday gift inspiration.  Have a look at our Top 5 Gifts for Her that won't let you down.

1. Cheeky Flower Cup & Saucer

With a happy cheeky message hiding in the cup declaring 'You're my cup of tea!'.  Love it!  Made in England.  Price £20.

2. Seagull Picnic Blanket

Because in the deep mid-Winter it's lovely to remember those sunny summer days and beach picnics.  Made in England.  Price £36.

3. Jelly & Cake Apron

Jelly & cake anyone?  This simply splendid, gorgeously illustrated apron is a real treat.  Matching oven gloves complete the set.  Made in England.  Price £24.

4. Porcelain Cake Stand

Everything stops for tea!  A simple and elegant cake stand to show off confections and fancies before they're gobbled up!  Made in England.  Price £44.

5. Crafty Little Notebook

The perfect little book for jotting down notes on sewing and craft ideas for future days.  Made in England.  Price £3.50.

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