Monday, 5 May 2014

Picnic Perfection

Originally a fashionable social event, picnics date back to the 14th Century when they were often connected with the outdoor meals that were held before a hunt.  The French started the modern fashion for picnics in 1789 by opening their royal parks to the public after the revolution.  In the year 2000 a 600 mile-long picnic took place in France in order to celebrate the first Bastille Day of the new millennium, let’s hope they weren’t a few sandwiches short!

So with the warmer weather here, why not head for the beach where the Seagull Picnic Blanket (£36.00) will fit right in.  Good looking and practical too, with its stylish printed cotton top and water resistant nylon backing.  This blanket also rolls up and secures with webbed nylon straps and a carry handle.  Or why not head for the hills with the Rolling Hills Picnic Blanket (£36.00)?

If you’re going to go and fly a kite, why not take the Single Line Pilot Kite (£17.50) up to its highest height?  This kite has sails made from tough spinnaker nylon with its larger size allows the sail to catch more of the breeze, making it fun for older children and for those who are still kids at heart.  There’s also the Single Line Box Kite (£17.50) which has traditional charm.  Its stable box shape makes it suitable for smaller children. 

Pack the Small Oak Serving Platter (£30.00) and use it to lay out cheeses, sandwiches or even cupcakes.  No more worries about getting any unwanted grass flavouring!

And when the day starts to cool there’s no reason to retreat indoors.  Snuggle up under this Lambswool Throw in Moss (£95.00), watch the sun set and finish off the last of those picnic pickings. 

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