Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Getting Down to Earth

A growing number of studies have found that being out in the garden can improve mental and physical health.  Being busy in the garden has been proven to lower the risk of diabetes and help in aiding better sleep, with one study even suggesting that women involved in gardening have lower rates of osteoporosis than joggers, swimmers and those who did aerobics.

It’s also been found that gardeners have significantly higher levels of optimism and fortitude than non-gardeners.  There can’t be a better reason to put down the trainers and pick up the gardening gloves.

The Paper Pot Press (£9.95) is eco-friendly and made in the UK from sustainable beech with an oiled finish.  This clever device can turn strips of old newspaper into plant pots.  Plants can be left undisturbed in this newspaper pot, which with no disturbance to the roots, will rot down in moist soil.

Designed for safely storing away those special seeds, is the Harvest Seed Storage Tin (£49.00), which is made in the UK from powder coated heavy gauge steel.  Beautifully decorated with harvest produce this box has a tiny row of holes for ventilation and a hinged lid, plus the option of being used as a freestanding box or a wall mounted cabinet.

If it’s a bit more wildlife that’s being wished for, the Mr & Mrs Birdee Nest Box (£19.00) are perfect shelters for attracting birds.  Eco-friendly and made from high quality birch plywood from sustainably managed forests, Mr Birdee is designed for Garden Tits whilst Mrs Birdee is for Robins and Wrens.  For a creative kick for children, let them decorate the boxes before they go outside.

Decorative and supportive, the Birdie Metal Plant Stakes (£24.50) are handmade in the UK, topped with a life-size Robin or Blue Tit.  These great looking plant supports are sold as a pair- one Robin and one Blue Tit- both made from solid steel with a lovely rusted finish. 

Happy gardening!

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